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There are a vast number of import and export procedures depending on the size and type of business you run, and where you are importing or exporting goods from, or to. The type of goods being moved will also help determine the most beneficial and cost-effective procedure for your business.

Unless you are a specialist in international trade, you are likely busy enough running your business without the extra hassle of navigating customs procedures. Pepola takes the time to understand your business so that we can offer customs advice and services that are tailored to your specific needs.

Now more than ever, customs compliance is vital. Even a single instance of non-compliance can result in an audit being extended to your wider tax affairs and an increased period for reviews which can result in demands for back-payments, interest on back-payments and even penalties.

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Don’t get caught out! Pepola can provide you with expert advice about:
  • customs processes and requirements
  • tariff classification including applications for Binding Tariff Information (BTI)
  • product origin rules including applications for Binding Origin Information (BOI)
  • auditing your item master so all data is correct and up to date
  • submitting customs declarations and the key data involved
  • import and export controls and licencing
  • your financial responsibilities to Irish and UK customs
  • valuation calculations
  • how to navigate all customs IT systems and how to choose a partner if required
  • additional customs paperwork depending on your product and industry and where to obtain these.

Solutions that enhance and grow your business

Pepola can also conduct a comprehensive audit of your current supply chain and recommend changes that increase efficiency, security and compliance with customs authorities globally.

We can identify customs procedures, simplifications and special measures that can significantly improve your businesses’ operational efficiency, compliance and its financial bottom line. We can provide solutions that help streamline e-commerce flows, expedite door to door delivery, reduce tax liabilities and maintain a transparent and compliant supply chain.

For example, the EU Union Customs Code (UCC) has new and enhanced procedures that can greatly benefit your business, where applicable:


  • Inward and Outward Processing
  • Transit
  • Centralised Clearance
  • Comprehensive Customs Guarantee
  • Tariff Suspension Schemes
  • Simplified Declarations
  • Authorised Consignor or Consignee
  • Customs Warehousing


  • Registered Exporter System (REX)
  • Rules of Origin Requirements
  • Temporary Admission
  • ATA Carnets
  • Entry in Declarants Record (EIDR)
  • Authorised Economic Operator
  • End Use, Dual Use and Restricted Goods
  • CITES management process

Let Pepola save you time, money and hassle and identify opportunities that streamline your operations and help you grow your business with confidence.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out how we can help you.

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